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The main idea of the project is to establish direct cooperation on the dissemination and communication of information related to education in the field of “green sciences approach”, to make green nature attractive and accessible to adult learners, especially for those from vulnerable groups, i.e. elderly persons, people with different disabilities, the creation of activities for disabled adults that could be carried out in gardens. They make use of what they have in common – experience in ecological education – and decide on four main topics:

  • Biodiversity, soil and perception

  • Healthy lifestyles and salubrious issues

  • Renewable energy

  • Climate changes .

The resulting project will provide an international group of educators and adult learners share their experience and allows them to gain a new skills.
Joint actions will enable us to produce a wide range of educational resources, which are the legacy of the Centers or Units of Natural Education within partner organisations. It is planned that each of the partners will develop five educational "green" programs, which will be tested in practice, will be improved, and then distributed- the best one of each five will become a part of final "Green Education Handbook", that will aspire to be a tutorial for those, who are giong to discover the "green face" of our planet back to adult learners.
These green learning prgrammes may deal with the preparation of nature related topics of computer basics and the Internet, outdoor sports and recreations in parks and gardens, english learning, the use of nature as a tool for education and therapy, etc...
Examples of such products will be prepared in DVD format multimedia lectures on topics related to natural sciences domain.

Please download the project leaflet - English Version

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