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Green Education
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The Project

Main objectives:

1) Make environmental education accessible for everyone.
2) Include the environmental perspective in programs that integrate people from vulnerable groups, especially those with disabilities and elderly.
3) Involve people with disabilities and elderly in the debate and discussion about the environment.
4) Take advantage of, and develop, the therapeutic value of learning about and caring for the environment.
5) Exchange of experiences and best practices, expertise and skills in curriculum development of natural and ecological education, and expansion of educational offer for adult learners of learning organizations participating in the project.

Specific objectives:

  • the preparation, implementation and dissemination of new learning opportunities for adult learners as “green” training programs, each of which consists of the curriculum and teaching materials,

  • preparation by the individual partner organizations 5 individual training programs on the use of new information and communication technologies in adult education and learning digital skills. Programs are tailored to the needs of adult learners,

  • Development of methodology of educational organizations participating in the Partnership. Increasing efficiency in the use of new ways of working and new ways to reach consumers of “green” learning,

  • to develop and promote the image of the partner institutions as institutions meet the needs of the communities in which they operate,

  • improving the quality of work of the institutions involved in educational, cultural and informational

  • joint work of educational institutions in different countries of Europe - mutual assistance and exchange of experiences.

  • implementation of the evaluation strategy plan that will include analysis of the European quality standards of the educational products and total number of beneficiaries.

European Added Value

Our "Green Education" Project would already have an  important meaning itself for each partner country- saying nothing about whole partnership consisting of 8 countries, providing new European dimension for natural and outdoor education for vulnerable social groups, such as disabled and elderly people.

The project has a global scope by means of:

  • The contribution of 8 different countries gives us a common and a different perspective of contemporary alternative educational methods due to the huge geographical and cultural situation.

  • The different experiences will enrich our common project since each partner may have valuable contributions in the different aspects to be considered: educative, environmental and social.

  • The project will give us not only a deeper knowledge about environmental and natural educationational scope across the Europe, but also a deeper understanding and knowledge of our European partners’ culture, reinforcing intercultural dialogue and the awareness of common European identity.

  • The creation of a website and blog will give us a chance for an international cooperation in the future.

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